Late Sylvester Oromoni

It seems the last has not been heard from the incident surrounding Sylvester Oromoni’s death. Agonizing moment Sylvester went through before he died. Sylvester was alleged to have been beaten by his school mate and gave him a substance to consume, but the school authority refuted that statement from the family.
However, in a statement issued by the management of Dowen College said the boy died as a result of injuries sustained while playing football. And this statement didn’t go well with the victim’s family.

The police with a swift reaction got five students and five employees of Dowen College arrested. The report of the autopsy conducted in Delta state shows that Sylvester die of inhaling a toxic chemical and a blunt force trauma. Surprisingly, another autopsy was conducted in Lagos state. The result of the autopsy exonerated the suspects from Sylvester’s death.
However, the victim’s family was devastated by the DPP advice. According to the family, they are not aware of the second autopsy report conducted by the Lagos State Government.

Please, take your time to read the interview with Sylvester’s sibling (Ann Oromoni)

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This is an interview conducted by 99.3 Nigeria Info FM on 6th January 2022, anchor by Mrs Sandra Ezekwesili with the victim’s Sister, Annabelle Oromoni, reacts to the autopsy report announced by the Lagos State Government which claims that Sylvester died due to ‘Acute Pneumonia and Septicemia.

Sandra: We’re joined now by Annabelle Oromoni, she is Sylvester’s sister. Annabelle thank you so much for joining us on the show!

Annabelle: thanks for having me.

Sandra: First of all, on behaved of all the listeners of “Hard Facts” and the staff, and management of NigeriaInfo, please, accept our heartfelt condolences.

Annabelle: Thanks.’

Sandra: What’s your reaction and that of your family reaction on the advice from DPP not to prosecutes the suspects?

Annabelle: Hmmm, I spoke to my dad yesterday and he said; honestly, this is just a tactics or just a way to justify the real claim of the school and I feel like Nigeria obviously work a lot with power structure always, a power place is involved, so I don’t think the police officer or the commissioner has released any result, I didn’t see anything, I think everything literally has just been said with the words of mouth, like the DPP advice this and this was say, and that was said, the autopsy came out, and no toxicology report or the toxicology report came out and doesn’t said anything, like everything is just with their mouth because they know that Nigerian live in fear must of the time and have ability to say something and get everyone to key in, even without having things to back up whatever they are saying.

Sandra: So you are saying that you’ve not seen the Autopsy report from the Lagos state government?

AnnabelleThey haven’t shown us anything, we’ve been asking them to show us. The Autopsy report going round is the only autopsy report and what’s funny even before the autopsy report came out, I ask ex-class mate of mine in school, like a senior of mine in the boarding school who is a doctor now and she has analysis my brother injury. And she had mentioned intracranial pressure that he had with his belly and this was before the autopsy report came out, anybody who is medically inclined would know that what the are saying is rubbish but they know that an average Nigerian will struggle to read that autopsy report or will need to be broken it down like into what we can understand, I have to admit that, I needed to have it broken down into what I could understand. So they know that; they sit on that field, so they could mention like acute pneumonia what has that got to do with what was wrong with him? Like its all rubbish and at this point, like the advice or whatever is been given, this is just like the power that place. There is a reason why they do not want this case to get to court, there is a reason everything been done now is to used power, pretty much like to oppress us except is not going to work.

Sandra: Tell us what is been done right now?

Annabelle: So what is been done right now is, I know that there’s a coroner report that meant to be done and I think it has been adjourned till January 15 that’s what my dad said to me. They’ haven’t done that yet, so like how are this things coming to be? Why are they not informing the families that are directly involved in all of this? Or like how aren’t they telling us, oh we didn’t find anything! Why aren’t they saying that to us? They at this point just trying to mislead Nigerian and create a different narrative so that everyone just stay in panic ,honestly it’s just a form of intimidation except it honestly not going to work! Like justice is going to happen. It might not happen in a way everyone is wanted it to happen. It is going to happen regardless. Am a journalist, the media is powerful is going to happen regardless.This is Lagos state government, this is not Nigeria it’s just the Lagos state government.

Sandra: I have to ask a question, the DPP said that they reply in part to the Lagos autopsy report which said that your brother past pneumonia and septicemia but of course the autopsy in Delta state said that he inhales a toxic chemical and he has blunt force trauma. Why was the second Autopsy done? We’ve been hearing a conflicting story why the first one wasn’t accepted. Why was the second one done?

Annabelle: So this is honestly kind of weird what has happened is like we are from Delta state, like his back at our home town, like we are from Niger – Delta I don’t know why, we did our own autopsy before Lagos state did their own autopsy result, we had our autopsy results for a very long time, even before all of these came out, literally the news that came out yesterday we’ve heard about it, I have spoken with my elder brother about it on the New Year we have expected it and that’s what triggered the release of the autopsy report because, we knew that they were trying to change everything, change the complete narrative but the second Autopsy that everyone is talking about, where is it?

Sandra: why did it need to be done? To begin with!

Annabelle: That’s the same question I need to ask the Lagos state government! Because, I tell you how the autopsy happened, so Dowen College was a party like I think they have pathologist involved, the family of those who killed my brother have their own pathologist and I have absolutely no idea and no reason, like, I have no idea why! Cos’ I don’t even think that’s okay. And the Lagos state government have their own pathologist and they had our own pathologist that did ours in Warri they are the witness but before all of these happened, we already knew that things were trying to happen because we had our person there, it kind of hard when you are trying to turn things around when there’s one person who’s been difficult, like the pathologist haven’t opened their mouth to say anything, we don’t know the name of this other pathologist but our pathologist name is there and will stand a defend his report any day any time. These people, the autopsy that was done in Lagos, where is the report, like literally it does not exist.

Sandra: Nobody in your family has seen the report?

Annabelle: We haven’t seen anything!! So the second Autopsy that literally been spoken about, I have no clue where it comes from and honestly, maybe I am wrong, I spoke to my dad last night I have no clue where that came from, literally, like I said this people they’re talking based on word of mouth the DPP say this, which obviously the could have said but they wouldn’t back this on paper cos’ paper would take you somewhere, will hold you accountable, so like they wouldn’t back this thing like signing as this as that ,they should do it, they should bring it out and because autopsy show details, what’s acute pneumonia, how? Like, the autopsy would address the cause of the problem, ok, acute pneumonia where is it from… like you just don’t say it, this happen, that happened it doesn’t work that way in an Autopsy. So they should release the report, like everything they say doesn’t, even things they say he had my younger brother was telling me how he was trying to do his research. They don’t even add up, acute pneumonia from where?

Sandra: I want to stay on that a little bit you saw Sylvester, you hear his words; did you see Sylvester did you hear his words?

Annabelle: ooh, I live in Canada I didn’t see him but I speak with him the weekend before he passed away. I spoke  precisely the day my dad was taking him home and I have spoken to my dad and he had told me what was going on, how the was no flight from Warri to Lagos, what happened was majority of my siblings we live outside of the country. My last three siblings one them is the one who just passed away, one of them is just graduated from Dowen and the other was in SS1 so, the only one in the country at the time. My other brother has left to UK a few weeks before and my elder sister also left to the UK a few days before, so that was why when they even call, even there port was kind of stupid the report Dowen release, because when they call us and told us it was a football injury cos when I spoke to my dad when he was with my brother, that was exactly what he told me, this was before my brother had even mentioned any name; he was like aah!! Like he doesn’t know that they say Bobo fell and sustain injury During soccer that he’s in a lot of pains, I spoke to, we were very confused we trusted the school all the time I was back in Nigeria, they wouldn’t let me go visit my siblings in school, they will ooh we have protocol, this that that so we were like ok, guess the school is safe. My younger brother was 19 years old was the first person to go to Dowen, the rest of my siblings went somewhere else. But we removed him because we wanted to remove him from bullying; you know my elder sister said she doesn’t want that, she saw how her set boys were bullied in SS1 that she doesn’t want that for him. And that was how he started Dowen; so Dowen was like our safe “we thought our safe school” for our siblings at the time, just the last four were the ones who went to Dowen. So even the whole situation of us didn’t really know what was going on with him when they had called us, no one being in Lagos at the time, because we have a family in that Lagos but everyone who live there was out of the country at the time. We like said ok and there was no flight like I said, so that was why we had asked them  based on football injury and the school that you trust pay a lot of money for, they can’t hold your kid for one more day? They can hold your kid? On a football injury? Like what we were told.

Sandra: So you told them to hold the kid for one more day while you find the flight to take your Brother back home?

Annabelle: ooh no, it wasn’t me, it my mom that they have spoken to about all of these, so like what had happened when they told her, he was sick, I tried to figure out to get him and then realized that there was no flight, so we couldn’t get him out of the school immediately, with no flight my dad have to take the road, right. With everything the school had told us right, my brother’s body was swollen but the only like mean physical injury he had was on the upper lip, the rest of it was meanly internal, and he was in a lot of pains.

Sandra: He couldn’t see the physical reason for the pain!

Annabelleyeah! We didn’t understand what was going on and my younger brother he’s very out spoken but sometimes he can get scared. I remember when I was in Nigeria there was a period I talked about giving him something, he was very scared and he was like, oh no! if he takes it police will stop him. And I was like… then he was 9 years old and I was like I will buy no one will do anything to you and he almost started to cry that was how scared he was for something that I kind of thought that it was not real but to him it was very real so I can’t imagine this experience must have been to him and very glad that he finally said something. But like they really tried to take his voice from him

Sandra: did he say anything about his experience that will align with this idea that he was sick with pneumonia?

Annabelle: [laugh]..hell no! Absolutely…Like this all came from thin air… it came from space! Like… The think about an autopsy is… There are things that can be done if it’s really based on the autopsy. Because autopsy is pretty much straight forward, the corruption is what is making everything so foggy. So that’s just what happening in this situation.

Sandra: what’s the next step for the family if there is no prosecution, what are you hoping to do?

Annabelle: Humm… Honestly… like I have my own idea just as a writer but I don’t really have… I wouldn’t say I’ll sit down thinking of all those, it hard… I am just hoping for the most part, so just try to go day by day, like yesterday was very difficult for me but today is better, I don’t really like trying to plan, like sometimes, when the moment come, I can but I wouldn’t say like I have the point that I have plan to, which is pretty much talking to you and you know that’s where I am right now, and like obviously I have things to fall off but I feel like the road would get clearer as I go along. We are just leaning unto hope and faith… And just strength… And would not fold an arm and Nigeria would not be able like oppressed us, like Lagos wouldn’t just think that they can based on money and based on influence, and all of that…like I understand that’s how it worked and that pretty much the status quo but there are outliers in the situation and this is going to be the outliers in this situation, this is not going to be a situation where we cave, like we’re nine, nine kids saw my mom’s tears everywhere, like is not something that we are just going to…put at the back of our head and say ok…like we forgive everybody, there’s no forgiveness here, is not happening!

Sandra: Annabelle Oromoni thanks you once again, and I promise that we will keep talking about it here in Hard Facts. Thank you for your time.

Annabelle: Thank you so much bye!

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May be Sylvester Oromoni’s life Could have been safe


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