Terrorist attack

Nigeria is a theatre of horror. Every now and then, things that are mind-boggling make headlines.

people get killed every day, and we say it is not that bad. Every day, policemen get killed, and we say it is not that bad. Innocent women get killed every day and we say it is not that bad. 

Taking grievous matters with levity

The succession of attacks on people and government facilities in Nigeria is like a joke or a movie, which we watch, scream at, and when the story ends, we go back to our normal lives. 

With all this turbulence, life goes on as if nothing had ever happened.Maybe if we see it through the eyes of the victims, we will stand up and ask a resounding question.  

Corruption has taken over every faucet of our institutions; health, education, religion, and the prevalent government (Free for All); yet, we look the other way. 

Nigeria is like a ship without a captain. No one seems to take responsibility for what has been happening. 

Everyone is so insensitive and gullible about what is going on in the country; bandits, kidnappers, ritualists, terrorists, and unknown gunmen are on the rampage unhindered. Are we in a state of nihilism?  

Nigeria is moving on autopilot to a destination that the nimbus cloud of uncertainty could not allow me to see.  

Who has the responsibility? 

Whose responsibility is it to secure the lives and properties of the citizens? Are the chaotic moments not taking people’s lives or properties’ not being destroyed?

It’s like no one seems to be responsible for the security of life and property. Tribes and religion have robbed us of our ability to judge.

Lies have taken our humanity away. 

The level of hopelessness in the eyes of the citizens, especially those that cannot afford a flight ticket, cannot be quantified. 

We are hopeless and helpless, and we lie to ourselves that things are going to get better while we fold our hands and do nothing. Because we’re not the victims here. What else?

The inflation rate is very high, salaries are still the same, and the government is coming up with policies that will further impoverish the people. Yet, it is not that bad. Accepted, what else?  

Politicians have divided people across the country. We refuse to face reality but rather live in denial, supporting them in fighting for their own glory because of our tribes, ethnicity, and religion. And now, innocent people are dying as a result of political wrongdoing.


The series of unfortunate events confronting Nigeria is not new.  

Late Obadiah Mailafia

Did you remember the late Obadiah Melafia’s warning on security? What did the government do about it? Was that not an intelligence report to work with?

What was the citizens’ reaction? We looked the other way. Thus, his notice of a possible occurrence is taking place gradually, bit by bit.   

Terrorists attacked a prison in the federal capital territory successfully and there was no resistance from the security agencies. The citizens, as usual, will surely take it like that, forget it and move on.

Taking Ownership

However, people quickly welcome bad things because they are not in control of their own destiny.

Our rulers take ownership of our lives. They control the way we think, the way we look and the way we see each other.   

That means we can think or act on our own; they programmed us to look away from reality. Hence, we accepted every bad thing that happened around us easily and quietly.

We are not acting against the negative attitude of our leaders, but rather accepting what they have given us. Unfortunately, until we know who we are, our problem has just begun. 

Please drop your comments below and let us know how you feel about our situation.

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