Politics, they say, is a dirty game, but who makes it dirty? And why is it dirty? Is it the politicians or the electorate? There are far too many unanswered questions. Therefore, you must borrow yourself some sense.

Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has revealed that no fewer than 133 million Nigerians, representing 63 per cent of the population are currently living in multi-dimensional poverty.

The multidimensional poverty rate was highest in Sokoto State, with a massive 96% of Nigerians living in poverty, while the lowest incidence of 27% was in Ondo State.

This should not come as surprised about the gap between the north and the south in the poverty survey.

However, this is a shocking reality; even though politicians, in their usual manner, will be there to deny the report, they cannot separate the facts from the lies.

Unfortunately, people who are the victims do not even see or understand that they have problems. The question is, how can you help someone who does not know that he or she has a problem? 

The number of people that politicians push into poverty is the number they can control.

When politicians count on the number of people they have to wrestle for power from the center without counting on the policies that they have implemented to change the lives of the people, then there’s a problem. 

The northern politicians always boast about the people without education and who are impoverished, which is to their advantage. while the southern counterpart will follow even if they are in the wrong for their own selfish interests.

Therefore, the northern and southern politicians are working together for the purpose of controlling the people. Depriving education has almost certainly seemed intentional, which could explain why the ASUU crisis has remained unresolved.

Disunity of the masses enriched the politicians

Politicians will often go against each other. but not for too long because of their common interest.

When the masses fight, it works to the advantage of the politicians. while the politicians play the drums of religion, ethnicity, and tribes for the masses as a distraction.

They will be busy looting as much as they can to enrich themselves, and funny enough, they can never use the looted fund to develop their community. But the politicians have conspired to work against the unity of the people. They manipulate the masses, who become their bait. That’s why a politician can afford to buy 40 houses all over the world while the people that he claims to represent are homeless, wallowing in abject poverty. 

An average politician does not care about the people.

One thing you must know about politicians is that they think of themselves, their families, and their friends first. We would have thought since the President is from Katsina state, the life of the indigent in Katsina state would have been much better by now, but the reverse is the case. This shows that the interest of the masses means nothing to the politicians. 

The sooner we realize that politicians, whether from the north or south, will not work in the best interests of the people, the better for the country we call Nigeria. 

Politicians will do everything possible within their power against the unity of the masses, so as long as the people are made to fight one another, they will continue to smile to the bank; that’s part of the game “divide-and-conquer.” 

In all these shenanigans, the people most often agree and work together for the common good. The power belongs to the people; be a patriotic Nigerian and take back your country. 


Precious Peters is an honest, dynamic, and determined young man. He is a computer science graduate from Lagos State University. A blogger, a freelance writer, and a content writer who's waiting to make a difference. A knowledgeable facility manager and operations manager. He is passionate about the well-being of society. 


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