The current situation and drama playing out in Nigeria recently, especially on the social media space, is a call for concern.

Political warfare 

It’s obvious that a good leader unites, but the bad ones sow the seeds of discord. As the saying goes, when two elephants fight, the grass suffers. 

The election has come and gone, but the memories linger; the pains, trauma, and anguish for the people who lost their loved ones during the election will always remain with them.

Unfortunately, the politicians are at war with each other, some for their rights, others for their enjoyment, and some for their glory, and people are dying for their actions. 

When the righteous are in Authority

All the citizens need at this time is a message of hope, peace, and a better future for all. Messages that will melt the heart for reconciliation,

The sorry state of the politicians’ media handlers

The action and inaction that will make you surprised and wonder what can be expected from the coming administration

Observing some discussion on social media, arrogance, bitterness, and hatred seem to be the mantra. With inciting comments that left you wondering what will become of the people when they finally take over the mantle of leadership.

Leaders must have empathy for the citizens.

A leader must anticipate distraction and prepare for it. People easily get frustrated with so many things, but a good leader shows empathy, and maturity. Hence, what is playing out should not be expected.

Furthermore, it’s always said that the succeeding government in Nigeria is always worse than the previous one. What is happening out of the camp of the president-elect has created uncertainty around Nigeria’s future leader.

It’s necessary for the president-elect to call his overzealous supporters to order. They are inciting the public against him and his government. Someone needs to tell him the truth. 

Nigerians have endured the current government to some extent, and it’s unclear how they will react if they go through something similar or worse. Nigeria is fragile, and it is only a nation builder that can heal the land. 

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